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Default Re: Leaping Tuna air cleaner

I also think you need to use judgment based on where your ride. If you ride dusty roads or the beach then there will be a lot of dust and sand. I don't. I really wasn't kidding about bugs as I think that in my part of the world especially in May, June and July there are plenty and are of more concern than sand. Sometimes I'll ride through a swarm of gnats in the evening and it feels like you're being peppered with sand. I wear glasses anyway, but if I didn't I'd have eye protection for sure. Each environment has it's own conditions. I'm not saying that a stainless steel scrubber is as good as a K&N commercial filter. It probably isn't, but I don't have a lot of confidence in the stock air filters that come in our kits and even with those I haven't had a problem in the past. I was more motivated by how much I don't like plastic and wanted something that looked more like it could be vintage and more in keeping with something from 1939... also something in my budget. I get two scrubbers for a buck at the dollar store. If you eat tuna fish anyway then the can is free. Besides, I'm not really advocating, just reporting and sharing the home made stuff I think is kind of cool. I just yesterday made a little tail light from a cat food can. I've shined it up and want to try the clear coat on it. When i find appropriate red lens material I may mount it on my old Elgin. I like the way it looks. It's my bike and I 'can'. It's a kick making your own stuff, especially something out of nothing. Fabricating is just plain fun!
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