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Default Re: newb gas ratio question

Originally Posted by Drewd View Post
Not another oil thread. 32 to 40:1 are good ratios regardless of oil. 100:1 Amsoil not recommended in this application due to HT engine poor quality, fit, and history.

32 & 40:1 ratios are only good if the oil's manufacturer recommends it - as Tom mentioned, even 32:1 may be a little thin for a cheap nonsynthetic, about right for a quality one & 40:1 you may be pushing your luck... maybe even your bike.

If you're running a synthetic - all bets are off on such generalizations, read the back of the bottle & add a little more oil if you're paranoid.

Careful with your advice please, bemoaning another oil thread - you suggested perhaps not enough oil while in the same breath you advised against a quality synthetic I happen to be quite happy with.
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