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Default Re: Bent frame ROLLING DEATH TRAP

You can't cantilever tubes that light out without support. think of A frames on automobile suspensions. You really need those two tubes braced with a drag link from just inside each wheel to a point forward on the frame. You probably can't go too far forward without interfering with your pedals but that's a must. You also need a brace tube going upward, possibly welded just below the seat clamp. It takes three legs to make a tripod and that's what you're trying to do. You could get by with a solid axle welded to the bike frame near the dropouts but it would have to be a pretty thick wall tube to handle the stress with no bracing. You'd also need a couple of steel gussets to brace the tube to the bike frame and axle junction. That would be pretty heavy. One thing that would help a bit would be to narrow up the track a bit so the stress on the axles would be less. Don't give up, you can learn a lot fiddling around with a project like this.
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