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Default Re: newb gas ratio question

Luckily my uncle is a amsoil dealer, and has been pushing this on me for a while now. He is always telling me how motor run so much better using amsoil and so on. For awhile i was skeptic, as i always am, but he kept giving me single packages to try, so i had to try atleast a mix. Well I used the saber pro. at a 80 to 1 mix. Let me tell ya the difference was instantly noticeable. I had alot more pep, motor sounded alot smoother, and so on. Well needless to say my uncle was gone for the winter, and i needed oil, so i went out and bought a gallon of amsoil HP injecter 2 cycle. Thinking its amsoil, it's gotta be good right. Well no my motors were boggy, and one dramaticly was losing power, and is now siezed. The Unc is back, and i had to hit him up for some sabre pro. I came home drained my tank, and it sputtered a couple times like it coughed the nastyness out, then took off like crazy, sounding smooth again, and idling great. I was telling my unc i was bummed, as i just made a 2 gallon mix with the hp injecter, and now it was a waste, he told me to pour about a gallon in my car, and see if it cleans out the injecter. What the ****, right, poured about a gallon in, put her in reverse, and slammed on the brakes a couple times to mix it, then took off down the road. Instant difference, my suby never ran better. Alot more acell., like it is cleaned. Oh and I forgot to mention that, when i had previously used other oils, i had to take my motor apart, and the piston was covered in burnt oil, I ran a half a tank of the sabre mix through it and had to tear down again, and my piston looked new. Thats what made me a true believer in amsoil, sabre tho not just all amsoil.
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