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Default Re: Bent frame ROLLING DEATH TRAP

Originally Posted by diceman2004 View Post
as a general rule , on the forum , if i don,t have something nice to say , i don,t say anything at all ( sorry but i HAVE TO make an exception this time )

was that pic an april fools joke or what , cause if it wasn,t , you definately nailed it when you named the thread .

i get very angry when i see people doing things that will get them or others hurt , or even killed , you don,t ride that in traffic i hope .

anyways , take the above advice and replace the axles with solid pieces across from wheel to wheel , triagulation is also a good thing . fix it propperly , make it SAFE .

if i sounded like i was harpin on ya , its cause i was , ( i don,t wanna read about you in the back of the newspaper )

take care , be safe

AMen to that........ unless there is some serious bracing done that thing will get someone hurt and thats not good, but hey it's an easy fix, just take the advice on this thread up to this point and you will be in business..... good luck and lets get some back bone on this bike and quick....!
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