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Default Re: Bent frame ROLLING DEATH TRAP

Originally Posted by diceman2004 View Post
as a general rule , on the forum , if i don,t have something nice to say , i don,t say anything at all ( sorry but i HAVE TO make an exception this time )

was that pic an april fools joke or what , cause if it wasn,t , you definately nailed it when you named the thread .

i get very angry when i see people doing things that will get them or others hurt , or even killed , you don,t ride that in traffic i hope .

anyways , take the above advice and replace the axles with solid pieces across from wheel to wheel , triagulation is also a good thing . fix it propperly , make it SAFE .

if i sounded like i was harpin on ya , its cause i was , ( i don,t wanna read about you in the back of the newspaper
take care , be safe
I see were your coming from. This was originaly a sci fair
bike, just made for showing alternitive transportation. I don't have the skills to make my own rear axle, and I have invested a while bunch in this bike. If I could,
I'd like my cash back
and I'd just throw the bike away, but it's nit like that
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