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Smile Re: Old 20" Springer Bike Frame

Originally Posted by Tulsacruiser View Post
If Im not mistaken Schwinn never used a springer for like that.

This is a murry MX and an Murry/Otasco MX I own the Otasco (yellow and Black one)

Notice they have the same forks
Thank you very much to you and all who have had input on my old springer frame, I have held on to this frame for all these years because I liked it so much and knew some day I would do something with it, I had never seen another one like it and it is very exciting to see those pick and know what it once was back in the day, I got this old frame out of a land fill when I was a kid, someone had thrown it away with some other junk and I saw it on a trip to the land fill and just had to have it even though my dad thought it was just more junk around the house, but he let me keep it and now I'm gonna make something very cool out of it, I'm not sure what color it will be yet though so if you'all want to give me some opinions I just might go with your color, remember it will have semi ape hanger bars and a black banana seat with a chrome sissy bar. Thanks again, Shan

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