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I bought a 66cc kit on Amazon 2 weeks ago, just because it looked cool. I have never worked on small engines before and have limited mechanical aptitude, so I went looking for better instructions and found your site. I have been a "lurker" on this site since then, reading through the posts. I was both amazed at the level of expertise and a little intimidated.

Anyway, I started putting my first bike together yesterday and ran into numerous problems. Your posts REALLY saved my bacon! Using your good advice, I was able to solve each problem as it came up. I was also able to avoid a lot of problems (like vibration or chain wobble). When I finally got the bike together, it started up for about 30 seconds and then died....and wouldn't start again. I went to bed last night feeling kind of low. (That was a fun 30 seconds while it lasted.)

This morning, I started wading through the threads looking for an answer to my problem and I came across a post by Bairdco back in Febuary walking another noob through the troubleshooting steps.

Anyway, with your help, I got the bike started this morning and it seems to be running pretty well. It sounds like it's fairly smooth (but of course, how would I know?), and simply flies up hills! WOW, what a rush!!!

Thanks for all your help, guys.

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