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Default Re: how do i bend steel tubing at home?

I guess this is as good a place to ask as any since it involves bending tubular metal. I'm trying to make a pocket bike expansion chamber fit on my 39 Elgin and had thought to use a section of bicycle handlebar as pipe going from the exhaust manifold to the expansion pipe. The handlebar fits snugly inside the expansion pipe and like the pipe is chromed. Yesterday I tried bending the handlebar by heating it up with a propane torch, but it does not produce enough heat. I know that map gas is hotter and know enough that a whole kit is involved and some money, too. What I want to know is if the map gas cylinder can be used with a regular bernzomatic propane torch? Will it produce more heat than a propane cylinder... is it a safe thing to do... and would the heat be adequate for bending handlebar pipe? Also, would I need to use sand inside to keep it from crimping? Many thanks. I think the question is closely enough related to the theme of the thread to not be a high jack.
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