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Default Re: Hi there all ... from Arkansas

Fellows, fellows, fellows ... hoooold on. Maybe ya'll have two different types of chain breakers. I went to Scott's here locally (because Wally World, as we from the land of Walmart like to call it, didn't have any!) and I had two to choose from. David told me which one he thought worked the best and so I bought it ... and some chain lube/cleaner stuff.

I needed to break it because I had about three links too many. I still have a little slack, but I think I can adjust that as needed with the tention arm.

Deacon! I started reading your article about the bike earlier. I haven't finished it yet. I hope that if they do get a Mag that covers this kind of thing that you'll summit to have a continuing Story in it. The type that you can't wait for the next issue to see what happened. And the fact that you take pictures means you probably have plenty of photos to comtribute to your stories . I used to get VW Tends and there was a lady that wrote for them that I just LOVED! She wrote about VW guy type things, yet in a way that girly, female, types could understand and relate to. I miss that Mag.

Whelp ... he's done! I just finished wiring him up. Had to cut that trash off that came crimped on it. Went and bought some better splice connectors ... I still have the light kit wiring to do, but I'm about 1 1/2' short on wiring for the tail light. I placed it all the way to the back of the fender. I've posted some photos over on the Spookytooth Forum ... I still like it better. I haven't loaded a finished photo yet. I will. It been nasty here today weather wise and I'm gonna be away for two days ... so I guess I won't try to fire him up until Tuesday. He'll either go or blow!!!

I've got a myspace account I'll load all my photos to eventually. And I'll post that link when I've updated it.

Well all, It's been a fun adventure so far ...
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