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Default Re: Just looking for an opinion from bicycle lovers out there!

I'd say the magnetic business cards on every bike you see, do it as your own personal business, put your own name to it, I'd recommend focusing on the on call repair and to your door repair on bicycles or motorbicycles. Do it how you want, it's a great idea, and it's a good business venture. As for a worldwide coalition, at this point, I feel it's gonna need some kinks worked out before it's turned that big. I'd say, if you want to do it as a personal business, go for it! At this time, I've spent two years trying to figure out exactly what I will do with the business. See I'm a perfectionist of sorts. lol. I've got 7 bikes now to work on, and that's going to keep me busy, because more bikes are on the way soon, and my landlord doesn't want his property looking like a bicycle junk yard. I gotta build so I can get a cycle of product moving, and if I do the repair services or on call services, it will be a later addition to my already established, addicted bicycles, and addicted motorbicycles. I definitely support everyone in these ideas, I'm not ready to act on them just yet. I believe that in order to do things right, it takes time, so I'm not going to rush it. Investment money into parts, tools, and a damn good shock absorbed trailer that can take the weight of all the tools and parts, and not throw them all over the place as I'm riding, leaving me with a mess when I arrive at the customers location. Lol. As for the part sharing thing, it's good in concept, but realistically, there has to be a price for the shared parts. Not sure if that's been said or not, but shipping isn't free, so it would become a hassle. If a request for a part is put on the wishlist, it should have a pricetag as well, as efforts were taken to aquire and recognize the part when coming across it. Just my thoughts on the matter. Great idea, but the money needs to at least break even with shipping. Reciever pays shipping, maybe a recommended donation for services? I don't know, throwin it out there, what do you guys think?

The AAA club worldwide.... I just want to say, yes it can work, just saying that it can't be rushed. A committee will need to be set up, ground rules laid down, money will be involved with customer memberships, paying for parts and gas and tools, all that stuff. If it's a bunch of us under the same name, such as AAA or CAA or BAA or whatever, then it will be one business, with employees worldwide. That's a complicated payroll. Communications would need to be worked out, and map locating/hiring of road mechanics to cover wide areas of many countries. See what I mean guys, on your own it's a good local idea, as a coalition it becomes increasingly difficult. Again, just my two cents, please correct me if I'm wrong. I love where this is going, when I started this thread, I was looking for opinions on my company. Now, I have been given ideas for future additions to my company to make it even better, and hopefully helped you guys to start something up too!! I love making a difference! Ha

Cheers guys, this is fun.
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