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Default Re: Leather: Anybody tried trimming out with it? Feedback?

I admit to being a fool for things made of leather. As for gluing I use a heavy duty contact cement made for shoe repair shops. I have a friend who sells it to me in a gallon can as I use it for lots of things, but need it most for gluing rubber sole material to my moccasins and mukluks before stitching the rubber soles to the leather soles. It is durable stuff. It would work on fenders. You would put the contact cement on both surfaces, let them set up for awhile and then press them together. The tighter the press the stronger the bond. Shoe repair guys hammer the rubber sole onto the leather one for a super tight bond. I believe Dupage is the maker. It is a stronger and more toxic version than what you can find in hardware stores, but even that would work fine for fenders. Post a photo if you do it.
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