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Default Re: Cruiser and coaster brake question

Originally Posted by sofasurferlinux View Post
First of all, what exactly is a "cruiser" bicycle?
Second...Walmart has some nice classic looking bikes for under $100. Balloon tires, rack on back and coaster brakes. Are coaster brakes a problem for bike motors? Do ballon tires do much to eliminate rough ride on gravel roads?
I currently am using a mountian bike. It rides like a truck and vibrates like heck and bumps...well forget it. Anyway, I have determined that most of my comfort problems are because the bike is just to small and does not have allowance for adjustment. So I am in the market for something cool, comfortable and under $100.
What is a cruiser bicycle? - Cruiser bicycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Are coaster brake a problem? - I have ridden for years and thousands of miles with only rear coaster brake. But I do recommend adding a front brake. Some have had problems, I have only had the coaster brake fail on my once but that was going down a step mountain and I got them too hot.

Do Ballon tires eliminate rough ride? - I do notice a difference
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