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Default Re: Leaping Tuna air cleaner

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm always amazed what you can do with tin cans and bicycles. Thanks for sharing. Just wondering what your filter would look like with louvers instead of holes. You could make little slices in the metal and bend them outward...
Anyway, not to highjack your thread but since we're talking about cheap alternatives to aftermarket parts I thought I'd toss this hat in the ring. It's a poor man's chrome air cleaner made from a spray paint can top. Close inspection will tell what it is but from a couple of steps away it adds a bit of shine to the engine and it cost virtually nothing, unless you count the price of the rattle can chrome paint. A little work with a Dremel, a self tapping sheetmetal screw and presto, a chrome air filter. It completely covers/hides the original plastic kit supplied one and looks better, I think. The neat thing is you could use the top from whatever paint you use on the bike and have a color matched air cleaner.
You guys amaze me, both of you....Can and a tuna can, excellent ideas.....
Keepum coming.....
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