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Default Re: Suggestion on what to do with the master link in your new kit!

Well that was not too painful. $29 for the wheel and they only charged me $5 to remove the cassette and tire and remount them on the new wheel. Did it right then and I was paid and out of there in 15 minutes. Really can't beat that. Bicycle Village on 28th St. Very friendly, good service. Got the sprocket remounted and am getting ready to go tighten it down now. Should be back on the road in an hour. Yea!

You know I am realizing that there are some definite advantages that weigh against the problems of these bikes as commuters. When is the last time you took you're car in to have the wheel replaced and came out 15 minutes later having spent $37. The savings in gas and car repairs are going to quickly outweigh the costs of maintaining the bicycle.

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