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Default Re: Leaping Tuna air cleaner

Originally Posted by CoConutXpress View Post
Silverbear, This is a great idea! Good way to save money. I was wondering, I have read that the gas mix sometimes splashes back and eventually the filter needs cleaning. So, after a lot of riding, do you notice some gas mix dripping out of the bottom holes? Also, do you have any compliants with the filter?

I've only run the motor for ten minutes or so last evening in the process of fixing the centrifugal clutch, so I don't have an answer for you. I would think if cleaning was needed that a rinse of the scrubber in gas would do the trick. If it's real oily maybe the mix is too rich. I'm just experimenting and fooling around. I have all of about $.55 cents invested in the leaping tuna air cleaner, the price of tuna fish on sale.

Here's a picture of the new and improved leaping tuna air cleaner #2 which sports a lid from a salmon can and reads "Alaska USA" so it is made in America, how cool is that? Kind of a hybrid tuna/salmon air cleaner. Mounted it on my American, I did.
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