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Default Re: simple lil ole question

One of the mods can remove this thread if they need space. I had an hour to kill so it just switched out the chain rings. Now I know why a mountain bike is a good choice for a friction drive bike.

I went from a 6" chain ring to a 7 1/2 chain ring. The bike caught up sooner and I could kick up the speed by pedaling a few strokes so that was good. I tried to start from a dead stop with the motor shut down and it was miserable. A mountain bike would be much better. Start in the lower gear then use the higher gears to catch up with the freewheel.

With the china girl kit the gears are pretty useless, except that you do have that lower gear to start off with. That is what I would use if for nothing else. The 6" chain ring on the china bike works really well, but on the friction drive I think a mountain bike would be better.
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