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Default Re: Mukini Vm 18mm Filter + Cable Problem

Originally Posted by Mingola2 View Post
Hi Jim:

My answers to your questions:

1)No, I am new to this.

2) I read a posting a few months ago of someone who did mount to his bike and loved it.

3) I don't have experience in tuning a carb.

I guess I might have gotten in over my head!



I wouldn't worry about getting in over your head! Assembling a bike with an engine requires very few tools.

Your honest response reflects a level headed attitude towards the whole thing...which really is #1 when attempting anything new.

Common sense is key with this project. Start with a stout, good qualty, bike. Most of the department store bikes have adequate frames. Some of them have wheels/tires that are not up to running at a sustained 20-25mph and will need to be upgraded.

Take your time assembling the bike...there is a lot of good info here on the forum, and quite a few who have successfully built several MB's that are here to help.

Now, back to your carb question:

I don't know for sure, but I would bet that the Mikuni is going to be jetted based on an engine that incorporates a reed valve type induction which will produce a lot more vacuum at the inlet. I would expect that, out-of-the-box, the mixture would be too lean. Again I'm just talking off the hip as I haven't even tried mine yet. I am fairly certain that it is going to require re-jetting, and a lengthy test and tune session to get it right.

I would use your kit carb to start with and become very familiar with how this engine works before attempting a major carb swap. The kit carb is very simple, and set-up right out of the box to work well.

Have fun with your build, and feel free to ask for help.


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