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Default I'm So Glad To Be Here - Grateful To Have Found This Forum!!!

I'm living in Central Illinois; just an old (57) rockin' hippie looking for work after his retirement fund went broke. The problem is I got stupid last October and got a DUI from way too much alcohol. Totally my fault. But because I had a prescription drug DUI 24 years ago, I will lose my driving priveleges for about 5 or 6 years; instead of 1 or 2.

I am driving currently with a breathalizer in the car, but I will lose that upon conviction sometime in May. I have spent literally about 20 to 30 hours online trying to figure out what type of battery powered bike I could build, wishing I could get something with a gas engine. Now, this morning, by chance, I discovered that the state of Illinois finally did something progressive and added small gas powered bicycles to the electric bike law. Then I almost had a heart attack when I saw the old law (pre 2010) required a valid drivers license even for just the electric bike. Thank God they removed that requirement so now I can get a powered bicycle even though I will have no license.

Anyway, I will now cruise this forum to glean information. I have a lot of decisions to make in the next 30 days. I understand the Illinois law is for engines up to 1 HP and speeds up to 20 MPH.

Any info is always appreciated, and I may start a thread asking for suggestions in the proper area.

Right now I am just so excited to know I can get some wheels - yowie!!

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