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Default Re: chain tensioner for 410 chain?

A mountain bike tensioner would work I think, but are about 20 dollars or more- try dealer Abaxo on ebay.

I tried a narrow chain and sprocket and threw the chain right off, and lost the woodruff key in the process- that thing that holds the sprocket on the axle besides the nut-

my hope was to get a better peddle too- but I think it has not enough clearance- so I'm still waiting for that locking freewheel on the sprocket to allow a pedal start and then switch to freewheel to pedal-
that place in Austrailia has one but you have to stop and get off to switch it over- we need one with a cable switch

anyway- I'm staying 415 now- I was barely moving when the chain came off and locked up the back wheel- I don't want to take the risk OR keep fixing it!
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