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Default Re: Hi there all ... from Arkansas

Its warm for once - which is a good thing - there are quite a few mopeds around actually. Its fun when I can outdrag bigger machines on the flat lol - because of the different gearing.

It contains my family - which is almost completely a bad thing lol

The US is seeming very tempting after today and I have open offers

I have to admit to not even knowing what a chain-splitter looks like, having been born into my motored biking days as a belt-loving girl lol

glad to see you on here, whats the weather like out by your way? I assume there arent that many mopeds and such out there - having had to fix up a 402 Ford Ltd while I was out there in january - note to self, hot engine + borderline frostbite is a bad idea . 10 minutes later the guy who owned it managed to rev the thing to extinction and destroy the water pump

hope you are ok..

Jemma xx
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