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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
By far the most common plug used to replace stock is the NGK B6HS, the NGK BPR6HIX Aaron recommended is the fancy iridium one, the BP7HS is an extended tip plug with a cool heat range
I have the iridium BPR6HIX, I never used the stock plug so I can't really compare it to that, but it runs great. What exactly does extended mean? Extended into the motor or larger spark gap? The iridium actually has a bigger spark gap (@ .032") than the BP7HS (@ .027").

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
Use a NGK B5HS or a B6HS... The #7 is way too cold! (NGK #'s are 1= hottest)
Yes, NGK recommends for every 100 horsepower added you should get one level cooler plug. With Japanese plugs like NGK, the higher the level the cooler the plug.
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