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Default Re: Deacon's chainsaw bike.

I promised myself and my wife that I would not work on the chainsaw bike today. I lied.

I bought forty bucks worth of angle braces and steel bars of different configurations. When I got home I went at the chain saw again. I made a folding support for the engine side. I can lift the engine and lock it in the up position to start and warm it up.

Even better I reused the old weed wacker clutch idea. A metal rod to lift the engine at stop signs to keep it running. I have a pretty weak spring on it now but I can buy a spring cheap enough. I'm going to wait at least until tomorrow to ride it. I'm already worn out and need to rest. I might ride the lighter week whacker to see how it is doing.

I could not get the cowling back on the weed whacker so it's going to have to work without one. The ones on utube all ran without cowlings. Maybe I can ride it so that it won't burn up. I think last time I just over stressed it. I think i need to get off the throttle when the bike starts to slow down from the hills. It is in a double whammy situation. The bike has slowed so it is not getting a lot of air movement over the fins and I was trying to get full throttle from it as well.

I really want the weed whacker to work better than it does. I will just have to see what I can do with it. I wonder how much better the 31cc would be. The 33cc chainsaw is so powerful it just skipped the friction wheel when I tried it last time.
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