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Army bikes. Fun to build, fun to ride. Okay, all bikes are fun to ride! And maybe best of all, army bikes are fun to look at! My army bike is awesome in every way. Not only for all the reasons listed above, but more, too. My Raw "80" cc engine is ridiculously easy to start. It has been problem-free for over 1000 miles now, and still runs like new. Compliments on my bike are many. There is also great pride in saying " I built it." when asked (almost invariably) "Where'd you get that cool bike?". Yes, my army bike is way cool, and, by extension, so must I also be cool! Ahhh, life is good for a middle-aged geek boy!

Then I start reading this post.... my little world is crushed. I am a poser. I'm just a pretender. A wannabe. I must face it. I'm not worthy, I am in fact a middle-aged geek boy.

Dude you got vision! I admire that. You also got mad skills I can only wish I posessed. I could hate you for that, but I respect the **** out talent!

So... Hats off to the master, I say! I'm enjoying your progress. Please keep posting many pics of this fascinating build. And I thank you in advance for all the great ideas I'm stealing from you that I will claim as my own when i use them on my next build!
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