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Default Re: Just looking for an opinion from bicycle lovers out there!

Originally Posted by ADDICTED MOTORBICYCLES View Post
Hello there, I've posted a thread similar to this, but this time I'm posting for opinions on an expansion of my company, ADDICTED MOTORBICYCLES. While this new company prospect still includes gas engine conversion kits, I am now going to focus mainly on bicycles in general. I figure there's a larger market out there when the engine kits are not the main focus, plus I'll be able to help make a difference on this planet during my time, as I am basing my company on recycling old and garbage bicycles, restoring them from death, and keeping our beloved rides out of the dumps!

Now I understand this is a motorbicycling forum, and while still related, I know it's a little off topic. I apologize if a thread like this is not allowed, and if the administrators choose to remove this thread, then I understand. I just want opinions and to advertise to a population that I know has a lot to do with bicycles, here is the best site I know of.

So please let me know your opinions on my work, give me suggestions if you have any, and please, feel free to become a member of the ADDICTED BICYCLES website!

Thanks guys.
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