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Default Re: Just looking for an opinion from bicycle lovers out there!

Going to add the wishlist!! That's an amazing idea! Thank you DAN! To answer your question rockhopper, I don't know how it is in other places around the world, but here, bicycles are scrapped just because the derailler skips, or something like that. It's sad how many bikes are destroyed just because of the metal, and people wanting money. I am a bicycle lover, and a lover of the environment, so by taking these bikes and restoring them, they remain bicycles, and benefit someone else who needs/wants a bike. When they buy a bike from me, it's recycled, but like new. So instead of scrapping an old bike, and buying a new bike, waste waste waste, you're helping be a bit more green by buying a bike previously owned before. The prices will be much cheaper then in the department stores, so it'll be a good, and hopefully popular place to shop for a bike. Engine kits are only a secondary option, the main focus is pedal bicycles. There are so many ways that this concept is good for the environment, and even if the engine kits are a bit of a contradiction, the fact still remains that it's another car not on the road, and it's a lot less fuel consumption in the long run. It's a total win/win/win situation. Like Dan said.

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