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Default Re: Just looking for an opinion from bicycle lovers out there!

Awesome concept AM. Is win/win/win. Great on all fronts, recycle/reuse, nostalgia and is a good biz endeavor. Your right about the larger market too.

Met a guy a while back who was retired. Every day he goes to the dump and even if he only wants a wheel or what ever, they make him take the whole bike. But he has every part I could imagine and, I am guessing 300 or 400 bikes ready for sale. I told him he should clist that he would remove old bikes for free from barns, garages, homes etc. (He "don't like that computer stuff") lol

On your web page, could have a "wish-list" sort of thing where folks could ask you to keep an eye out for hard to find parts.

All around, I think this is a winner of an idea. Please let me know how ya do and best of luck!
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