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Default Is it even worth it?

I have a stock Grubee 66cc/80cc skyhawk that i ordered from gasbike. I am just wondering if doing mods such as engine porting (i am not skilled enough to do it myself so i have to get a shop to do so) as well as taking apart the entire engine to make sure there are no metal shavings and better grease, the whole works is worth it on the engine. I want a fairly powerful engine that is somewhat reliable to get around quickly in. I just want to know if mods and upgrades are worth the time (and money) on the grubee 66cc/80cc skyhawk. And if they are not worth it, which engine is worth the effort and money?

As a side note i would throw on a SBP exhaust pipe and SBP Shift kit.

Another question. NT carb or Speed carb? I am looking for a fairly decent carb with moderate tuning needs. I have the NT atm but am willing to get something better.
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