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Default Single wheel light weight bicycle trailer.

I'm not sure where to put this. if it will fit somewhere else better by all means move it on. A few weekends ago I built this single wheeled trailer for camping on the moutain bikes. I took it about 20 - 25 miles over really rough terrain with about 15 lbs weight on it seemed to work very good.
I used an old 26" bike front fork tube and wheel. I left brakes intact to eventually hook them up for stopping power. The frame of the trailer is conduit. the hitch part is a u joint assembly from a cars steering column. i welded a collor to the u joint assembly then drilled a hole in the collor welded a nut over the hole and by use of a bolt you can tesion the collor to the seat post. the trailer will pivot up and down and side to side by use of the u joint. The whole trailer assembly weighs about 12- 15 lbs. rolls very easy and as you can see will hold up up to 80 lbs (the 2 cinder blocks at 40 lbs a peice.) I would not recommend anything this heavy. a tent a few supplies and off you go. keep it to 25 to 30 lbs load on this lightweight rig. I pulled this behind my mountain bike for the day and was very impressed. It pulls very easy and is very agile. I also attached it to my motor bike and down the highway up 30 mph no problems. It is narrow so cars didnt seem to mind either.
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