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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

The tank welding done, it wasn't quite flawless - but far, far better than I feared. A "small" detail overlooked when setting alla this up is my poor buddy's lack of a foot control on his TIG machine... essentially just a stick welder with a TIG gun instead of a clamp - he's got no amperage control and the machine's lowest setting 'bout twice as much as needed for this lil project. With that in mind - I've nothin' but respect for my friend as he managed to not incinerate alla my work lol

Upside? While the welds may not be the most cosmetic in the world - they're freakin' strong and with the over-penetration developing a consistent bead on the inside, it's "gusseted" so to speak. So... a lotta grindin' and a lil filler... and a bunch more sanding and I've my fuel tank FTW ...and no, it's not gonna stay flat black heh - there's more sanding and painting to be done ofc... which is all that managed to prevent me from stickin' my nifty fuel filter and sight gauge on it for the pics.

The temptation was there tho lol, bad enough I hung the chainguard just for the pic - let alone the tangled nightmare of cables o.O

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