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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

Whoohoo! The shaping of the tank panels is pretty much done, I need to take about 1/8-1/16" off the sides of the bottom panel to conform to the taper of the sides in just the back (and only 'bout 2" needs that touch up) - but that will be a heck of a lot simpler when it's all tack welded together and I can just grind it flush. As you can see in the pics, the tape isn't all that happy 'bout holdin' all the parts of the tank together at the same time lol

As you can see I also managed to dig up the lil brass elbows for the fuel sight gauge, they're exactly what I was hoping to find - with only an 1/8" OD on the chunk of line, it's sits flush with the tank side and the heads of the elbow fittings so it only protrudes from the tank 1/8".

I still need to cut the holes for the various hardware bits and have the backings welded (and trim/clean the hardware too ofc), but although I'm sure I (or anyone trying this) can do it with just a drill and/or Dremel I think it's also going to wait till I bring the panels in to work so I can use the hydraulic punch for nice, clean, slightly beveled holes.

So, I've got all the backings made and holes cut except the mounts, I forgot those at work so I dunno the hole spacing. That'll only take a minute to take care of tho...

So now I set all the panels on a shelf and wait for my buddy to get some time *crosses fingers*

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