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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

It's a lil thing but I thought I'd share it with some fellow geek... erm... *cough* "enthusiasts" that may appreciate it heh

I've been hunting after this lil widget for a while now, I'd seen them before on other, larger machines and I thought that a glass bowl style fuel filter would defo add to the "vintage" appearance of my Rollfast build. While it's true the the screen mesh is slightly more porous than a good inline filter, I suspect with these engines that doesn't matter very much and the quality built in fuel petcock makes up for that anyway. I could I suppose take the screen out and put in another filter inline - but I'm trying to avoid the "look" if you know what I mean and it'd be awkward as I'm going for flared copper tubing for fuel line. Water is actually more a concern of mine anyway and the bowl traps that (and sediment) quite well.

I asked around a bit and all I got for my troubles was the ol' crazy eye... as per usual lol so I hunted the dead engine piles we have where I work. After a buncha digging (reeking of varnished gas) I found an old smashed Kohler with one stuck to it and once I actually had one to show - it was a simple matter of tracking down the part number and gettin' a new one from Napa (part# 7-02350). As it turns out it's a commonly available part just no longer in common usage, it's mostly seen on older Briggs & Stratton engines.

Other minor advantages is ofc it's cleanable/rebuildable, and I may well be able to mix my fuel/oil in the tank at the gas station without fear of clogging by closing the shutoff and shaking the bike. Once I reopen the petcock any excess oil trapped in the fitting will just end up in the bowl, flushed out by the passing fuel as the engine runs (the theory anyway)
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