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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

Here I've the top and sides of the tank cut and filed to fit - saving the rounded corners till after I make the bends in the top panel;

First bend went slick and smooth and the corner of the side panel just needed a touch of the Dremel to round it to fit - very reassuring as despite the "know-it-all" tone of these posts it's been quite a while since I've done anything like a tank lol;

Now that I know for sure that my madness will work out - the rest of the bends are quick and easy (small gaps are only because I'm using tape to hold it together... and the pesky stuff stretches heh);

Now I just need to make the bottom panel which has the same 1/2 round in the back but only a single bend in the front so it should be simpler. The bending stage is a bit tricky as if it's off by even a little it screws everything up - particularly if the angle from side to side is even just a little wrong as that'll "twist" the whole project... so again, test bends, good marks as guides, rounding the corners after the bends are made, spare panels to test/replace, and ofc - patience... the one commodity that I'm actually a lil short on sometimes heh
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