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Post Magizine

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and think I have at least a starting point. A small magazine about the dimensions of the old TV guide dedicated to Bicycles with motors with this domain name so that it leads folks back to here. Or a name that can not be confused with other or places on the web about motor assisted bikes, then "masked" to lead back to here when searched for or Googled.

It could be posted online, on a password protected server so that members could print, staple then distribute in their local community. Eventually, sell subscriptions and advertising and have proceeds go to an account to offset costs, be used for charitable events or to garner favor with local lawmakers. Which ever or any that the majority decides.

I will research this if there is any interest. I also think we could upload to any large chain and print any where, or PDF files directly sent.

Just a thought. I know it would always be the top thing on the pile at the barbers or coffee shop
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