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Default Re: Got my Cranbrook about half done.

[QUOTE=VIP;168023]Started it today and did a very short test.

I need to move the rear sprocket out about 1/8th inch.

My first install I only put the rubber isolator on the inside of the spokes and did not put one between the spokes and the sprocket because that made it too far out.

But now I think I need to make a spacer to go between the sprocket and the spokes.

The one that came with it is just too thick..

Did any of you guys have to deal with that.

Short quicktime video of the test ride.[/QUOT
In regard to your sprocket issues....Jim at Creative Engineering manufactures the absolute best sprockets and adapters for our bikes....his link is to the left of the pages here on the forum....I know this firsthand as I'm using one....simply amazing....go to his site and you will far your build is looking sweet !!...keep it up !

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