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Default Re: why am i going so slow?

Originally Posted by stuartracing View Post
How do you know your not going 30 mph????
It`s not really that easy to go 30 unless you are more experienced at building motors....Not saying your not, ok....Are you driving next to a car or something to tell how fast your going????I`ve done some pretty good port works and same stuff as you and CAN go 30 if I want to push it....I have a 44t sprocket....Whats your weight like????Plug looks good???? No air leaks????
the bike weighs 53lbs w 1L fuel. i run 4oz honda hp syn per gallon. i have a speedometer and also ride beside FileStyle and our speedometers read the same. Filestyle and another buddy can both run 37mph all day. my set up is nearly identical to theirs. my plug is pretty clean actually. there is a slightly oily film on bottom side of head (running rich?)
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