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Default Noob Choosing Frame

Right now I'm debating on which frame I want to use:

Now the only one of these bikes I've ever ridden was on a Shwinn "Delmar" frame. It's the second of the two listed. Now the bike itself seems feature-rich, which makes for a comfortable ride. But the kid who built it had to get a custom mounting bracket made because the frame was too far extended in the lower-front. That's why I was looking at the Huffy, which from the picture seems a little smaller. Any input?

I'm not concerned on the features, or the price. Just ease of mounting.

26'' Huffy Men's Cranbrook Cruiser/Comfort Bike:

26'' Men's Schwinn Delmar Cruiser:


EDIT: Due to a spam block, this site wont let me post the links. So replace the "0" (zero) in c0m with the letter "o".
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