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Default Re: Leaping Tuna air cleaner

It's true that I enjoy grocery shopping a little more than I used to. It's my own version of recycling to make stuff out of the cans sometimes.
I did leave the plastic backing piece from inside the old air cleaner against the carburetor, but the stainless steel scrubber would not get sucked in anyway. (Try pulling one apart!) It is pretty durable as I have been using the same one on my pots and pans for several months (not the one in the air cleaner, that's new). Not a brillo pad, that's just steel wool loaded with soap and will rust almost instantly. That would get sucked into the carb for sure as it deteriorates. Just this evening I'm making a second one for the other bike. Woohoo!
Actually economics is a factor, but I just like making my own stuff. I make my own belts out of harness leather because then the belt is mine. My wallet is twenty years old and I made it from elk hide, cell phone case is elk hide fringed. I make my winter boots (mukluks) and moccasins not only because they fit and are comfortable, but they are mine because I've invested myself in them. I made my knife from a file and carved the handle from oak and then covered it in elk hide and made a matching fringed sheath for it. Stuff like that. So if I upholster a bike seat or stitch up leather covered foam grips the bike becomes more mine. I don't know if any of that makes sense to you guys, but it is just the way things are with me. It's why I'd rather fix up a rusty old bike than pay the same money for a Chinese scooter all done and ready to ride. Somehow money isn't enough to make something "mine" as I have to invest myself in it. These bikes sure are fun.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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