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Default Re: 49cc 4G T Belt Drive ?????? update

Originally Posted by recumbentbill View Post
I just installed a 4G on my huffy cranbrook cruiser. Here is my 2cents. Firstly there are two g4 drives.The Hausheng and the honda. The Hausheng is wider, Has bearings in the clutch bell housing vers the honda bushing on the clutch bell housing. A output shaft with ten tooth sprocket is offered for both units. Beware--- the Hausheng shaft and the honda shaft are not one in the same. the hausheng's shaft bearings are spaced further apart than the honda unit. I found this out the hard way when I ordered the honda unit with the 10 tooth non free wheel sprocket. I assumed the correct shaft would be with the order. NOT... The dealer was not aware of the differences between the two units. Also my dealer doesn't carry the honda G4 10 tooth solid output shaft[Bummer]. next
and this was the result of my dum dum After I installed the honda unit on my Honda clone [Hausheng 142F] I decided to go for a test ride. I noticed that when I started the engine the clutch engaged even though I lowered the idle speed. I checked out the centrifical shoe/weights and thought maybe they needed stronger springs .Then I thought that maybe the clutch bell was out of round. Later that day I thought maybe the bushing could use a little grease---Eureka . I'm running a 56 tooth rear free wheel sprocket on the grubee HD axle. Man does this setup pull the hills but at a price. Rather slow but no pedalling even from a dead start.the unit is very quite and ther is no belt slippage at all. A 48 tooth sprocket is on the way and is the smallest my dealer sells for the Grubee HD axle. If the 48 is still to slow I will install my new [on the way] workman 11gauge wheel with a manic mechanic clam shell sprocket adapter for manic mechanics wide range of sprockets . All in all I really like this setup.In the past three days I have logged on 150+ trouble free miles. When the 2010 upgrades are avail I will go with the smaller ratio of 4 to 1. Just remember if you have a stage three kit with the 49cc Hausheng 142f engine with 5/8" drive shaft you will need the Honda G4 unit. PS Almost forgot to add this concerning the honda unit. I thought the unit would have the mounting bolts..WRONG. So go to a good hardware store and get 1/4 x 28 allen cap bolts that are 1" long no lock washers or washers.Put a drop of blue loctite on the threads.
Hope this helps someone
Just found out grease on the bushing is not good. Don Grubee said that the bushing needs to be soaked in oil for 24 hrs. I did it and now the bike idles like it should.Standing still take off is smooth and quite
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