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Default Leaping Tuna air cleaner

I'm waiting for tools and parts for both my bikes so I got around to making an air cleaner for the 39 Elgin today. Especially on a vintage bike a plastic air cleaner kind of goes against the grain. I've looked at the cool ones for sale, counted my pennies and came up short. So being a tightwad and having already made juice can gas tanks, tin can headlights] tail lights, a rear fender light and tin can funnels I continued the manic theme, this time with the lowly tuna can. First I removed just part of the lid from one using a small leather punch, knife and ball peen hammer. Punch the holes and connect the dots with the knife, tapped by the hammer. Aaniimoosh the Wonder Dog got the tuna fish. Doing it this way leaves some of the lid attached to the can and gives a backing for screwing on a full sized lid later on. Clean up the ragged edge with the dremel grinder. Then I cleaned the can up with steel wool and punched holes in the full lid for the mounting holes and punched more holes in the lid for the air intake into the carburetor. The can got lots of holes punched along the sides for air intake and after rinsing it well to be sure no little bits of metal remained, a stainless steel pot scrubber got stuffed inside as the filter. It's a good fit. If you like the idea of foam better, then do that. I think the scrubber is going to work fine. I don't ride on dirt roads much and mostly need to filter out the mosquitoes. Small sheet metal screws fix the lid to the can and that's it. I think it looks better than the stock plastic one and the price is right.
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