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Default Re: Schwinn experts needed!

Originally Posted by chrisE View Post
i know what your talking about with the banana seat ( i was an avid bmxr back in the 80s) but now its vintage enough to be cool, also if you really want to appreciate this bike you have to know the history of bmx in that this bike was the first OG bmx. stingrays were modified to be the first bmx bikes. i think we are in somewhat of the wrong forum for this for more info try Welcome to of which i am a member of too (same user name chrisE) and you will find more info and alot of pix (it is first a gallery, forum second web site). also for us motorbikers you might find parts there that may set your rides apart from the rest. btw 26 bucks was definitely a steal if it is in unrestored condition with original parts which it seems to be it could fetch even more, upwards of 500 bucks, so dont do anything to it dont add (unless its correct for that bike) paint, or remove just let it be. wish i came across a bike like that for 26 bucks, well that was my 2 cents.......
Dont worry nothing will change on this bike and yes It is all original down to the tires. If I did anything it would only decrease the value. Only thing it needs is a tube in the front tire. $26 was a steal and Im sure I will never come across a deal like that again. I love it.
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