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Default Re: What do you think? Shift kit or new sprocket?

Just rode a buddy's fully-built, fully lighted shifter build today and it's excellent.

Shiftkit, Shiftkit shiftkit! These little things become small, usable motorbikes with actual gears on them, better than mopeds that cost far more, and still are cheap in the long run, easy to fix etc. And the shifter is fun to ride! Feels like riding a Honda Cub as you shift, and even these little Chinese motors can sing without buying mods. Singlespeed was abandoned in the early days of motorbike/cycling because there is just no way to combine acceleration and top speed with a one-speed setup, and with these little motors you need all the efficiency you can get- think of it as a $300 (+ bike and lights, mirrors etc) motorbike that saves in the long run due to lack of titling, registering, insurance, etc.
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