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Default Re: DIY powder coat

id definitley look at the eastwood kit as i have had experience with them ask yourself this, whos been restoring antique cars for years.... harbor freight? nah. lol

its fairly easy, and you can recover your sprayed powder with a spray box built with a shop vac and a filter

i have baked parts with much success inside of a $25 used oven, as well as a toaster oven.

i can tell you right now that researching parts prep methods should be your main learning concern as the actual pc work is easy

have fun! buy eastwood

if you dont clean your prepped parts rght, dirt, gunk, and solvents will come through your powder and result in an inperfect sheen.

you can create candys and multi layers by "hot flashing" altho you have to be reasonably quick as you have to pull your baking parts fromt eh oven and lay your topcoat on and get them back in so the two colors will blend,

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