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Default Re: Very new at this

I just took my entire bike apart. a mounting bolt snapped clean off and i gotta drill and tap to get it out now. I also purchased a new bike to throw my motor on so I guess it was time to take it off anyways.

Should i replace the stock intake manifold? Im not too comfortable with welding or things like that. But purchasing one is a welcomed option.

I now have read about the CNS carb and apparently its a hassle to get running no CNS carb for me. While taking apart my bike i did figure out the clip and needle stuff so now I can do that tuning on the stock carb when the time comes.

I have ordered a NGK Iridium plug and new plug wire. Is it easy to swap out the wires? do i open the CDI box at all?

I'm also ordering a SBP expansion chamber and was just wondering, which do i tune first, my carb or the exhaust?

I found opti-2 really close to home so ill be picking some up in the next week.

Just as a curiosity question... What would either an octane booster or racing fuel do? is it even worth it?

While I have the engine off and easy to deal with is there anywhere that i should add grease to? I have never added any before and would like to do a bit of maintenance while i have it apart.

Anyone know of a good place to purchase a twist throttle? the one i got with my kit was broken so i used a regular brake lever and would really like a twist throttle...they said they would send me a replacement but its been a month now...

Btw, found a local machine shop that with deal with my ports and fix em up. ^^

Thanks everyone.
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