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Default Re: Hello from Pennsylvania

Next update... we got the pipe welded, but without putting the baffle back in(it fell out when I took the bike for a quick ride). So, it's the same pipe without the cat. converter and baffle, and a little hole drilled in the bottom. Now, I have another problem- while it's driving, especially at high speeds, it'll shut off all of a sudden, but it still has compression- it slows me down. It's kinda like the spark quit. But then, it'll start up again, and do this a buncha times. Since a better air-flow pipe makes it leaner, we drilled the jet to 1mm(that's the smallest we had) and put the needle all the way lean. Then, I mixed up some new gas with carburetor cleaner in it. This might help it run(if it doesn't, i'll search the forum for some solutions) Thanks everyone for your help!! I'll try to get some pics up of my new and improved bike... I still need to grab the camera and get some.
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