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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

I'd like to add to this thread, and to my commercial. I have organized another video.
Before you see it, I'll make a few statements so you know what's up.

This video is not my bikes, parts, or company. It is showcasing, which is in the description, and also contained in the video. It is shown that the bikes aren't mine, and all rights and what not are to, and I also recognize the soundtrack as not mine, giving credit to all whose material I used. According to Copyright laws, everything is all good.

The point of the video? To give ideas and resources to people who may or may not want a seriously pimped bicycle. Since part of my business includes a bike, I made this video to provide a catalog of sorts, showing what is possible, and how pimped you can go.

I've connected like 4 videos, so any potential customers, or just the meer curious, can dive deep into the world of bicycle customization, and engine installation.

This being said, I'm looking for opinions on the whole deal.

I've yet to take any more video, so I have not edited the ADDICTED commercial yet.
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