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Default 1,545 miles and counting!!! Woo!!

Heya my name is Troy, I live in Boise, Idago and I purchased my first 66cc motor kit back in late september of last year and have been obsessed with it ever since. I call my bike my girlfriend and I ride that bi*** all over town! I've put about 1,500 miles on it in the city. I've ported my intake manifold, bought the dual boost bottle set up, Nos, the CNC carb, spring chain tensioner, 41 tooth rear sprocket, genuine Harley davidson bicycle forks, and an extended chopper muffler which I have taken the rear baffle out of and drilled a 10mm hole next to the existing exhaust hole in the end piece of the muffler.

My bike itself is an old schwin.. I think.. I am honestly not 100% sure as it was my ex's old cruiser bike and she had peeled the stickers and lables off of it. It's a steel framed bike so it's rather heavy when all is said and done, but I have managed to make it consistently pull 30-34mph easy, after I ported my intake tube which I highly recomend doing as my ride is SOOO much smoother and I haven't even gotten to porting my exhaust yet.

When i first decided to build my bike, there was only one other person in Boise who had a motorized bike, now after racing around down town for the past six months I've seen four or five others pop up. Though they're all just the basic stock kits and probably haven't been modified in any way.

I'm so glad I've come across this forum, I've had so many questions and problems that I could have answered and solved that had I read these awesome threads six months ago I wouldn't be slightly balding at 21 lol!

I have had several problems with my bike and it definately has been a learning experiance. I've gone through 2 cdi modules, 1 magneto, 3 sets of clutch pads, 1 small bevel wheel, numerous cables for everything, 3 rear axles, and 1 chain.
Currently I'm running a heavy duty 420gauge chain on the motor and a heavy duty 1/4" bmx chain on the pedals which are now steel pedals as plastic.
I love my new carb, though I wish it had a hi an a low adjustment, it is much smoother and there is a almost not bogging except for steep long hills. The carb came out of the box with a small 1/8" tube that aparently was supposed to wrap around the carb an connect to an extra furl intake nozzle just behind the air filter and this is supposedly to supply extra fuel to the motor in the higher Roma but I found that while it was connected and once I hit 26 mph it bogged down and when I tried to pedal to go faster it immediately lost major power. My solution, plug the hole coming out of the bottom of the float bowl and connect my Nos to the extra fuel nozzle in the carb and voilą! No bogging or loss of power. Just pure acceleration until 30 then it slowly climbs to 32-33 mph given the weather conditions.

I think my bike could actually do 40-45mph if I put my motor on a significantly lighter bike, got a slant head, a 36th sprocket, and didn't have to wear bulky clothes because it's still realy cold here. Unfortunately I don't have a camera or I'd upload pics.

Legally in Idaho your motor bike is classified as a moped and does not need to be registered, licences, titled, insured, or endorsed as long as your motor doesn't exceed 49cc or go over 30mph on public roads. Now I've been stopped three times in the past 6 months and I've recieced 2 tickets for almost $200 total. One was for riding an unregistered vehicle on the road, the cop wouldn't believe me that I didn't have to so I took it to court, showed the prosecutor photos and told him it was 49cc and pulled out the statutes where the laws are written and he dismissed my ticket.
The second was a $100 ticket for not having a squeek horn... I think he was having a bad day. I fought that as well and won.

The best solution I've found for officers not believing you because they don't know the laws is to carry the statutes and court papers with me and hand them over with my licence. Kept me from getting another ticket and now I have court documentation that my motor is 49cc even though it's really 66. Only someone very knowledgable is gona be able to tell the diff and what are they gona do?pull my head off and break out their calculators and measure my bore? I don't think so.

Before I got the performance carb from boygofast on eBay, I had made some simple modifications to my stock carb that other noons could try as I got a performance boost from lowering the throttle needle seat by taking it out and screwing it back in with a thin washer as a spacer. I also put a large hole in the air filter cover to help derestrict the air flow and I went from 26mph to 29mph.

Well, that's my bike
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