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Default Be carefull leaving you bike outside, it might get sold!

I picked up a Felt 1903 build from a member of this forum along with an extra bike and two engine kits. In essence I got the 1903 with the tank converted 3 complete engine kits and an extra cruiser with front suspension shocks for $1000. I put a little TLC and a couple of parts into the 1903 and have been riding it around the neighborhood tuning it and getting it running well.

This morning I was cleaning out my garage and had the bike at the end of my driveway. A guy pulls up in his car and ask me if the bike was mine. He then tells me he saw me riding the bike a few weeks ago and had been trying to spot me ever since. Turns out he wanted to buy the bike and had been driving around with a chunk of cash in his wallet hoping to run into me. After a short discussion he offered me $900 for the bike. The irony is I had the bike up on Craigslist and had been dealing with flakes for the last two weeks when all I needed to do to sell it was leave it outside for a few hours.

My wife is no longer annoyed I dropped a grand on bike parts and I still have a bike and two engine kits sitting in the garage. This hobby just got more dangerous for me because my wife now believes it can pay for itself
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