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Default Re: Very new at this

Thank you all for the advice. I am going to pick up some better oil (i bought mid-grade stuff to start as i was fairly poor and REALLY wanted to run it) and i am using the most premium gas i can find in town, 96 octane.

With the CDI i have read that they vary widely in Ohms and was just wondering if that was my issue. I will try out the other things before i swap out the CDI tho.

Ok, let me start here and say I am not extremely mechanic savy (i can get by but would not say im good or anything). I have read it over and over in the forums and I truly do not understand what the carburetor needle is or exactly how to fiddle with it. I am pretty sure most of my power issues are gas/carb related but would someone mind either showing me (pics rock!) or pointing me in the right direction? That would be MUCH appreciated.

Bike motor is not broken in, Gotcha.

Ok, Shift kits are a lil expensive so i will leave that for a lot later (if i get one). Would a centrifugal clutch help solve my no peddle start up?

I will add "not broken in" and "don't buy a CNS carb."
Why is a CNS carb a bad idea?
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