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Default Re: Very new at this

In my opinion after only 1.5 tanks of fuel you are not broken in yet. I think the manufacturer says like 500 km. I have noticed on my sons bike is still picking up some power after 240 miles. From new it has gained nearly 6mph. I wish I could find this opti 1 oil everyone talks about and Amsoil is not around here either. I use Valvoline motorcycle 2 stroke oil and no complaints, available at Checkers everywhere. For sure do the spark plug check to see if your needle is set correctly- can make a huge difference in four stroking at the top end. Silver bear is right as i see it, you have to get the basic's right before you just through money at it. With out a shift kit I dont see take off without pedaling as possible. I have a shift kit and pipe and still pedal a little to get it going. I weigh 175 and my non shift kit bike with a 41 sproket will do right around 35 ( I dont like raping it out though) with good torque to get it there, even pulling my trailer with a load. You'll get there!
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